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Rättsligt meddelande

Legal Guarantee (Swedish: “Reklamationsrätt”/Reclamation right)

According to the Consumer Buying Act (Swedish: “Konsumentköpslagen”), you have the right to legal guarantee in 3 years time as a customer. During the first 6 months it is Expedition Store liability to prove that the defect not were there originally, after 6 month it is your liability as a customer to prove that the defect were there originally. In order to claim the legal guarantee you must be the original buyer and be able to confirm your purchase with a receipt or invoice.

In case of claims on legal guarantee or warranty Expedition Store should be contacted immediately. Expedition Store does not cover any attempted repairs or costs that has incurred without Expedition Store written consent that shall be given before such attempts, neither do Expedition Store cover for consequential damages that would arise after the customer continued to use an incorrect product.

Measures at claims on Warranty / Legal Guarantee

Always contact Expedition Store immediately when the fault is detected.

Submit the product together with a customer complaint form to Expedition Store, it is also important that all documentation and any claims are attached to the complaint since it always is treated according to the attached documentation. If approved, the customers product is replaced with a new equivalent product when possible.

In the event of complaints on products older than 6 months, there should be documentation included that clearly indicates that the defect was there originally, and that assembly / installation has been carried out in a professional manner.