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This Privacy Policy applies when Expedition Store Sweden AB provides services and products in conjunction with purchases, customer service, and all other forms of contact, such as visiting the website in order to fulfill our obligations to you as customer.

1. What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be linked to an individual directly or indirectly. Examples include names, addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers, email and IP addresses, or a combination of these which makes it possible to identify an individual. 

All use of personal data is considered processing of personal data, including collection, registration, compilation, storage and transfer, or a combination of these. 

Expedition Store Sweden AB, hereafter Expedition Store, is the controller of personal data that is processed in conjunction with the use of our services and products, as well as personal data that we collect and process for the purposes described in this document. That Expedition Store is the personal data controller means that Expedition Store assumes responsibilities and obligations pursuant to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

2. How do we collect information about you and how is it used? 

Expedition Store only collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes described in the specific terms and conditions for the relevant service and in the Privacy Policy.

The only information we have about you is information that you provide when creating an account with Expedition Store or data that is generated when you use our services. This includes page views and information about your device. In addition, we occasionally receive data from other sources and partners. The personal data to which we have access is primarily used to formulate agreements with you, but also to understand and improve our services, optimise our range, create personalised page views, store statistics, understand market trends, and personalise advertisements. 

Pursuant to applicable data protection laws, personal data may only be collected for "specific, explicitly stated, and justified purposes". Personal data may not be processed in way that does not conform to these purposes. Furthermore, pursuant to data protection laws, there must be grounds for processing personal data, i.e. a lawful basis.

In order for us to lawfully process your personal data, one or more of the following grounds must exist:

  1. processing is necessary for us to fulfil our contract with you,
  2. processing is necessary for us to fulfil our lawful duties (i.e. if we have a legal obligation to do something according to the law),
  3. processing is necessary for Biltema's legitimate interests provided that your interests for protection do not override these, or
  4. in specific cases, after you have consented to the processing in question.

In order for us to provide our services and products to you, we need to handle and process your personal data. The purposes for which we process your personal data and the lawful basis for doing so are described in examples below.

Certain personal data processing may require consent as a lawful basis. In such cases, we will request your consent for the processing in question before any processing commences.

Information is collected in several different ways: 

Information that you provide to us and information that is collected through the use of services as follows:

Creating an account
When you create an account with us, you provide information such as your name, postal code, email address and phone number. We will also record your purchases so as to provide you with an electronic receipt and to analyse purchasing histories and trends in order to present you with relevant special offers and shopping lists containing frequently purchased products. The information is stored in our database, primarily to provide the service you have ordered but also to improve our services.

Purchases Online

When you make a purchase in our web store, you provide information such as your name, phone number and email address. The information together with order history, is stored in our database, primarily to provide the service you have ordered but also to improve our services and to handle any possible claims. If you are logged in with your account the order history is saved to your account.

The online checkout service is provided in partnership with Shopify Payment and Klarna, which serves as the personal data controller of this information and therefore also the owner.

Newsletter subscription

When you subscribe to our newsletter, we save your name and email address in order to send out the newsletter to you. The information is stored in our databases mainly in order for us to provide the services ordered, as well as to provide you with relevant offers and information about special offers and promotions. Personal data is only processed in order to distribute the newsletter. We utilise a third party to distribute our newsletter. 

Contact with Customer Service
We save information when you contact us, such as when you send an email, contact us by telephone or through one of the features on our website or via social media. We do this so as to save your enquiry.

Returns and claims
When making a return or claim  we will ask you for your name, phone number, and ID number, as well as your email address if making a damage claim. We request this information so as to be able to contact you if you have returned a product for repair, or for documentation requirements from authorities in conjunction with monetary compensation, and to be able to process your damage claim. The information is stored locally in our databases in order to combat fraud. The data is not shared with any other companies.

Information collected through the use of our services
When you make a purchase and use our services, we record information pertaining to which products you have purchased and which products are of interest to you. This makes it possible for us to improve our services, combat fraud, and personalise content and advertisements according to your interests and patterns of use. 

The information can be categorised as follows: 

If advertising ID is activated on your Android or Apple device, this information is sent from our app for personalised advertisements. Example of use: customisation of our services for the device you are using so that you, for example, access the mobile version of our website when using your mobile phone.

Information about the use of services
When you visit our website, your activity is automatically recorded in our measurement tool. We use this information to, for example, improve our services and provide you with personalised marketing according to your patterns of use.

Cookies and local storage

When you use our web store, cookies and other data are stored locally (hereafter referred to as local storage of data) on your device. These are text files that are stored in your web browser which can be read by our services. 

Locally stored data is used to simplify the use of our services and to provide you with relevant information when you visit our website, which improves your user experience. This is also used to gauge traffic on our website, collect statistics, track behaviour to formulate target audiences for marketing, simplify advertisement management, and to improve our services.

Examples of use: we use cookies in order to recognise your device, which means you do not have to log in each time you use our services, or to provide personalised product displays so that you do not have to search. Cookies are also used to record the advertisements you have seen and clicked on.

Information from other sources
We receive information from other sources, such as measurement tools or other third-party tools, which help us or the other party to understand user activity and preferences, or to improve the service we offer in general.

3. Storage duration periods 

Expedition Store does not store personal data longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing and our legal obligations, e.g. as relates to the Swedish Bookkeeping Act and other regulations concerning statutory limitations. 

4. With whom is personal data shared? 

External companies
In some cases we, for example shipping, we share your data with external companies. In such cases, Expedition Store implements the requisite measures to ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with applicable laws, and we require adequate security measures to be in place.

Personal data may also be shared with various authorities as required by law.

Transfer to a third country
In general, we do not transfer customer information to countries outside of the EU/EES (so-called "third countries"). In the event that this is necessary, we implement appropriate security measures and ensure that the transferred personal data is processed pursuant to applicable data protection regulations. We ensure that the provider enters into a legal agreement with us in which they undertake to adhere to decisions approved by the EU Commission concerning the protection of personal privacy.

We never forward, sell, or disseminate your personal data in any way other than that described in this Privacy Policy. 

5. Security 

We implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures, conforming to industry standards, to ensure that all the information we process is protected from being accessed by unauthorised parties. Only a limited number of employees has access to the information about you, and the way in which they process the information is strictly controlled.

6. Your rights as a registered data subject 

Pursuant to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to know what we do with your personal data, such as when, how and why your personal data is processed. Furthermore, you have the right, in certain cases, to access your personal data or have it moved, rectified, erased, or restricted. If, for any reason, we cannot fulfil your wishes, we will provide justification for our failure to do so. Note that we can only provide information that we indubitably know belongs to you.

Your rights are listed below along with how you may exercise them.

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, as a private person you have a host of rights. Your rights are as follows:

  • You have the right to be informed of the personal data Expedition Store processes about you.
  • You have the right to have the personal data Expedition Store processes about you rectified and updated.
  • You have the right to request the personal data Expedition Store processes about you be erased. If you wish for your personal data to be erased, Expedition Store will delete all personal data that Expedition Store is not required by law to save.
  • If the processing of personal data is based on consent provided by you, you have the right to withdraw your consent, which means that processing will then cease, except in cases where Expedition Store has a legal obligation to process the personal data.
  • It is important for us that the information we have about you is accurate and up-to-date. If you discover any discrepancies in your personal data, we request that you contact us in order for this to be rectified. 

All communication pertaining to your rights will be in writing.

10. Contact information

All communication must be in writing. Please send an email to;

Expedition Store Sweden AB
Hulekvill 116
38595 Torsås